Life Experience Personal Finance Tips

People no longer give good advice without expecting something in return. The personal finance tips here are useful, practical and most especially free. They say good advice always holds it values and this is the same with personal finance tips. The personal finance tips here if of someone’s life experience and it is possible to live by it as they are sound advice.

This first personal finance tip is for married men and it goes thus; be aware of the relationship of your wife and her shoes. When you are newly wedded, everything goes on fine including the shoes she has which could just be simple sneakers to wear outdoor and so on. Then get old later and there would be need to buy new one to match every of her outfits. This means new pair of shoes for different outfit. This will have a negative effect on your personal finance as she would still ask for more shoes even after having a black one that matches all. The personal finance tip for you is to always get black shoes for her which will match every of her outfit.

The cost of light bulbs lately is expensive. You should endeavor to change every of your lighting bulb to the energy saving bulbs. These bulbs do not get weak easily and they also help to conserve energy which in turn helps to avoid unnecessary bills. This is a way of conserving your personal finance. This is one of the best personal finance tips as cost of energy savers can be equal to about $35 for the whole house. This will enable one save about $50 to $60 of personal finance on energy bill. The concept is it is possible to save your personal finance even in your home.

Credit is all very well, however, should you take the finance option to buy a $500 product, and then with an interest rate of 25%, by the end of the finance period you’ll have paid out just short of $1,500 for the privilege. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that if you can save the $500 cash needed to pay for the product, you’ll save yourself almost $1000.

Avoid buying on credit from stores. This is a disadvantage on your personal finance as the interest rate of the credit can be greater than expected. One of the best personal finance tips is to avoid high interest rate when you go on a spending spree as it is dangerous.

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